Fetch box HDMI CEC enabled?




I am trying to connect my Mighty Fetch box to my LG TV via HDMI CEC. It is enabled on the LG TV (called SIMPLINK) and I have connected other things like the DVD player. However when I follow the instructions to connect the Optus Fetch box, despite showing the TV channel picture, I am unable to control my Fetch box with my LG remote (like I can with my DVD player). 


I have spoken to LG and they asked me to check if the Fetch Mighty has HDMI CEC enabled. Does anyone know if it does or if I need to do something else to get this working so I can control my Fetch box with the same remote as my TV? (I want to use the LG magic remote for everything) 


Many thanks 

Re: Fetch box HDMI CEC enabled?


Hey @Sios - I get what you're trying to do here, however based on my own findings, I don't think Fetch Mighty is compatible with any other remotes.


Fetch has their own universal remote in which can be used, but I don't think this is what you're after.


This thread here → has some further info which may be helpful, however it doesn't appear anyone on this thread had success with this. 


Sorry I couldn't be of much assistance with this. 

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Re: Fetch box HDMI CEC enabled?


The Fetch has issues with some AV recievers. Are you using one between them?


I found this post on HDMI ARC/CEC problems from a while ago that could relate. Mentions this adapter


Not sure if @Shauna is right and some of the higher remote functions might not work anyway, but FWIW I control my AV gear (incl. Fetch) all via a Harmony Universal Remote.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Fetch box HDMI CEC enabled?


Hi @Shauna thanks so much for your response. That sort of confirms what my research (other forums) has found, namely that the Fetch Box is not HDMI CEC enabled/compatible with my LG TV. 


I did see a couple of people on another forum, when setting this up with their TVs, used a different set top box manufacture name than Optus. However the name they say they used wasn’t an option for me when attempting to set up. 


Ah well, not a massive problem. Just would have been nice to have the one LG remote for everything. 


Re: Fetch box HDMI CEC enabled?


Hi @petergdownload thanks for your response. 


No im not using an AV receiver (had to google what one is, which says a lot about my technical expertise!)


Currently I am able to turn the Fetch box on and off with my LG TV remote and also adjust the volume with it whilst I am watching a TV channel. Perhaps they are the only functions enabled. I was hoping to use the LG remote to change channels, look at TV guide etc but sounds like it isn’t possible. 

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