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I signed up to Fetch TV plus NBN internet last month and was told I would have to pay an up front fee of $200 plus $90 per month for the internet and fetch package. My bill says I owe $414 and I only got the package on 10th April. Also I have seen on the bill that Im being charged in advance for usage?? the date is 1st May to 31st May and my bill should only be for 1st April to 30th April? Can anyone explain this to me before I call them? Thank you!! 


Re: Fetch and internet NBN charges on bill


What does your bill say you are actually being charged for? Should be some line items.


Optus generally charge first and last month on the first bill. This is so if you are late paying you don't get cut off immeadiately. You'll get the amount credited back when you leave.


So it sounds like you've gone month to month (smart) so that accounts for $380 of your bill. The other $34 is a bit of a mystery still. Note that you may have some discount that is only applied from the second bill as the second - the usual bill for your plan is $200 upfront with $95 a month. 


You can only find out really contact Optus but you caould also wait until Bill No2 as it will likely all settle down from then on.


Peter Gillespie

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