Fetch Tv streaming issue


I'm having issues with my Fetch tv box saying streaming issues check internet. The internet is working for everything else & when I check if there is issues on the box it says everything is working fine. 

Re: Fetch Tv streaming issue


Could be an issue with your box. Please send us your details for investigation → Report a problem with TV or Content

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Re: Fetch Tv streaming issue


I think its just crap equipment mate, everyone is having problems streaming. I thought Telstra were bad but Optus are in a league of their own. Worst thing i ever did moving to Optus. 

The fault finding from them will go as follows:

1. Do a soft reset.

Improves it for a couple of days

2. Do a hard reset

Improves it for a couple of days

3. We will send you a new box (but you can't use the old one while waiting for delivery)

Five phone calls later trying to find where your new box is and two turn up

4. New box works for a few days and fails again


I think the underlying cause is the network hasn't the band width for streaming tv but they can't admit that can they!


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