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Fetch Tv activation error



I got a new Fetch Box as my last one had a critical hardware error. It arrived on Wednesday but when I tried to set it up I got an error message saying the box had not been activated by your provider.

This is not about my activation code (although I need that too!) but rather Optus did not activate the box before register/ link it to my account before they shipped it. 

It's been over an hour wait time to chat to support and they can't fix it over live chat. The usual amazing customer service by Optus, so if anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, I'd appreciate it. 


Re: Fetch Tv activation error


They don't ship them pre-activated, because if it got stolen in the post and used to run up a huge bill on rental movies for example, you'd complain that they didn't take appropriate action to protect your account.


Your best bet is to speak to Optus via chat and get them to reissue the activation code which will solve your issue.

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Re: Fetch Tv activation error


I didn't need my activation code and I completely understand why that would need to be sent separately.


The problem was Optus hadn't activated the box at all so it wouldn't move past an initial error message of this box is not activated, please contact your provider.


So even with an activation code I couldn't set it up. 


I waited on hold for 45 minutes and finally got through to tech support who fixed it seconds so clearly it is something that should/ could have been done in advance. They just linked the serial number of the box to my account and then I could actually set it up and use the activation code they then provided.

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