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Just got a Fetch TV box as part of an upgrade.

No wifi. It would seem the geniuses at Optus assume everyone has a LAN connection near the TV.

Increasingly dysfunctional in terms of services delivered, this company appears to be run by fools!

Notwithstanding the contempt they treat loyal customers wit by lacking timely support, and an online chat that whet it actually works is staffed by incompetents. They continue to run the service in a manner that eeps signed up customers at arms length.

Well they have created a hole in the market for Autralian run, and staffed ISPs that can do it better. And thay are flourishing. Good one Optus management! In e medium term your market share will diminish and precious funds will remain in Australian hands rather that into the pockets of Singtel.......You are at present relyinv entirely on customer inertia that stpos them  from dropping you as an ISP, but even given the difficulty of connecting to cancel an accout, your lousy, contempt driven customer service will annoy even the totally inert and they will move ISPs. Sew as you reap!

Re: Fetch TV


which version of Fetch TV do you have? If you have the Mighty Fetch, then yes optus/fetch is a genius and have included WIFI in the box.

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Re: Fetch TV


You can also get a free PLA if your box doesn't have WiFi, but all new upgrades should come with Yes TV by Fetch Mighty which has WiFi built in. Are you able to verify the model number of your set top box?


My apologies for the difficulties getting assistance with this one.

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