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Hi there I have had an extremely poor experience trying to return a Fetch TV set top box (which has had an adverse effect on my credit file which Optus are refusing to resolve until they receive my device back). A number of requested satchels did not arrive. A satchel arrived today that I do not think is the correct one, but my conversations with customer service on Chat have been all over the place and they are giving me information that does not make any sense. They insist I have received the correct satchel and that I can call Toll and ask them to collect it. I believe I have a GEN 2 Fetch TV box. I have received a satchel that is an Australia Post pre paid parcel. It contains instructions inside for returning a Optus TV featuring Foxtel service. There is no option to request a Toll courier pick-up and the delivery note with it refers to a Foxtel service with a serial/IMEI number that is NOT the same as my device. What is going on? Can someone please clarify whether this the right satchel as I do not believe it is and I am not going to risk sending my device in it given the complete headache I have already had to date. Thanks

Re: Fetch TV set top box return


Hey glm, apologies for the difficulty you've had in getting the return satchel sent to you Smiley Sad More than happy to check it out, just shoot me a private message when you get a chance with your full name, DOB, and account/service number and we'll check it out. 

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