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New Contributor TimRJones
New Contributor

Fetch TV, remote control disable after power off



I have a Mighty set-top box Fetch TV unit.


The unit was in standby  (red light only) and the mains power was turned off, for about 4 hrs.

When mains power was returned.  the Fetch TV unit, did a reboot,

After which showing on the TV was a television program and superimposed on this, was the Optus fetch menu.


However,  the set-top box is not responding to the remote control unit,  we cannot use the Fetch TV unit.

(batteries have been changed etc) and the remote control LED turns on, as if operating normally.


It has been like this for 48hrs,  after another attempt at restart.  but the set-top box remains frozen.  Two blue lights are up,  and looks like recording is still operating as a 3rd blue light turned on during a pre-assigned TV record program setting.


Please advise 










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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: Fetch TV, remote control disable after power off

Oh dear 😕 Sounds like something strange is going on with your Fetch unit there!

I hope you've since been in touch with our Faults team about this but if not, we'll need to take a look at it from our end.

Please get in touch with our Faults crew here so we can help out.

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