Fetch TV recording issues


While I generally don't have many major issues, this one, actually two in hindsight, is/are getting on the verge of cancelling everything with Optus.

1.  I series record a show - e.g. Campus PD on Spike.  Series record is set for -5 at the start and +10 at the end.  So why do my recordings only go for 1 min, 4 min, 16 min, etc?  Another example was I started watching one episode that was supposedly, according to the EPG 1 hour 4 mins in length.  It stopped after about 10 minutes.  When I reset the unit the recording showed a length of 13 minutes,  WTF?


2.  Many times, after I have put the unit into standby at night, I get no response when I use the remote the next morning to turn it on.  Only a power off/on gets a response.


Re: Fetch TV recording issues


This is the exact same issue I’m having at the moment and it’s ******* annoying me now, it’s been going on about 2 weeks.


I posted in yes crowd on Friday night about the same issue but don’t have any response to it. Then when I tried to call the Optus fetch team their phone service hangs up on me every time and no one else at Optus can help because they don’t deal with Fetch TV. 

Re: Fetch TV recording issues


Hey @rfb - sounds like you may need a new STB. Can you please PM me with your full name, DOB and account number? Happy to take a look. 

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