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Fetch---TV programs, overseas

I am thinking of using the $85 bundle which goes with FETCH and a TOP Box to watch TV. I am interested in watching TV programs from Hong Kong, China and Tai Wan.


Are these TV programs free of charge?  If NO, then how much? Anybody can give info?

Thanks !

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Re: Fetch---TV programs, overseas

The Optus website goes to some length to explain what is included.


$85 gets you the Internet, free national phone calls and an Optus sport subscription.


You don't get a Fetch box (that's $5 more). Their are no included Fetch channels.


You can buy a Fetch Package anytime via the Fetch Menu. Read about the options and costs here  (Seems the China Pack is $10 a month)


But $85 + $5 + $10 =$100 which is more than OPtus $99 internet package that includes a bigger PVR (Fetch Mighty) and a free Fetch Package). So I'd suggest you do that.


Peter Gillespie


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