Fetch TV problems Yesterday & Today


Hi since yesterday afternoon at aroun 5PM we've had Fetch TV mess up and it happened again today.

Though it usually gets fixed with a simple reset I am wondering what the cause of this is

Here's my problem;

Yesterday I wanted to record two new shows on Nickelodeon, new Spongebob and then the Loud House.

That was at 5.30. It recorded the new Spongebob episode but right on the episode of the Loud House that started next it said "Disrupted Recording" and decided to not record the program at all.

Then today when I went on Fetch TV to check the recording it said "Could not play channel check internet connection"  But our internet connection is fine and we have had no problems with it.

No downloads running through the backgrounds, Download Speeds are good last time I checked, we use ethranet cable through Fetch TV, nobody is using another device and all that , what could be causing this problem?
At the moment when I reset the box just now it seems to come back on so thats' good.

A show I wanted to record at 3:00AM to 4:00am on channel NewsAsia yesterday was an hour and recorded successfully all the way through. I don't see why it couldn't record my other show which was meant to only be half an hour. But I have noticed I often get problems with recording from around 5 - 7 PM.

Re: Fetch TV problems Yesterday & Today


You said the internet connection was good last time you checked. When was that?

Also, you've mentioned resetting the box which I'm taking to be the Fetch box right? Have you tried reseting the modem as well? Switching it off for 30-60 seconds and then back on. It could be the modem causing the problem rather then Fetch is what I'm thinking.

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Re: Fetch TV problems Yesterday & Today


I haven't tried resetting the modem before with Fetch TV issues.

I'll give that a try next  time if I have any problems and will let you know how that goes.

However I can happily report that yesterday it recorded both shows again with no problems ! 

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