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Fetch TV no WIN HD


Hi guys. 


I have a Fetch Mighty set top box on an Optus subscription and live in Hobart TAS.


I have noticed that when I do a channel scan I can no longer see Win HD. I can see Win (SD) but the HD version has disappeared completely.


I know I can properly receive it (the signal) because the TV tuner on my PC receives it – and I can watch it – and the PC is connected to same antenna signal. It is NOT hidden in the channel menu - it just doesnt show up at all - it should be channel 80 I believe. 


Anyone else just randomly lost an HD channel? It is annoying as the Big Bash League is shown in HD on that channel. 


I'm on 2.17 Cascade and of course have tried re-scanning all channels several times with no luck. Win HD doesn't show up at all. 


How do lodge a support ticket about this??



Re: Fetch TV no WIN HD




I have found that I need to do several scans to get all my channels in Brisbane (fetch mini)

If it still does not show I suggest the below:


Probably best place to log a fault for Fetch is here:

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Re: Fetch TV no WIN HD


I've been informed by Fetch that they know there is an issue and are working on a proper solution.

But for now, it doesn't matter how many times I rescan all channels, I can NOT get WIN HD to tune on my Fetch Might. 

I can however, get it to tune of every other HD TV appliance in my home. 

For lack of technical clarification, I am in the Hobart region and use a roof mounted TV.

Re: Fetch TV no WIN HD


Me too. First the remote didn't work on 9 April then transmission gets stuck on WIN 10 (SD or HD) . OK on TV and on PVR but not Fetch. Other channels OK. 

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