Fetch TV loosing wifi configuration


Not sure if there has been a recent update but my Fetch TV Maxi since Saturday 12 November has been forgetting my Wifi password so loosing its Internet connection.  I can re-enter the password and it holds the connection for about 5 minutes till it forgets it again.


Re: Fetch TV loosing wifi configuration


Really sorry to hear this Tunbers Smiley Sad Can I ask if you've tried resetting the Fetch to see if that fixes the issue? Failing that, the next option would be to try a hard reset, however this also means you'd lose access to any stored recordings or purchased content. If you were looking to do the hard reset, I'd recommend watching any recordings you hadn't watch yet to minimise the impact of the hard reset. You can find out how to do the hard reset here. Keep us updated on how you go.

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