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New Contributor Will2Win
New Contributor

Fetch TV flickering problem QUICK FIX

Hi guys, ive had a problem of my fetch TV box flickering when ever i pause, change channels or fast forward. And now just tonight i found the solution to it, and honestly pretty embarrased i didnt think of it sooner. Hopefully staff and other members can use this a a solution for other members in the future as i  did see a few threads of the same problem when researching. Here is the fix.


My TV has 4 HDMI ports, one labled with HDMI ARC, and another with HDMI MHL.  Make sure your Fetch TV HDMI cord is plugged from the Fetch box into a HDMI port that is just labeled HDMI. As soon as i did this the problem fixed itself instantly. I must mention i use Hitachi TV so i dont know if all tvs are like this.

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Crowd Champion SillyGogo
Crowd Champion

Re: Fetch TV flickering problem QUICK FIX

@Will2Win Thank you for sharing. Have you try other devices on the initial HDMI port? It could also be some sort of handshake issue or faulty hdmi port. 

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