Fetch TV - ethernet won't connect, wifi does


Hi there,


Had my NBN conncted yesterday and switched to Optus and Fetch TV.


Internet via wifi is great and I can get Fetch TV to connect to it fine. Howeber, I'd like to use the ethernet for stability.


But, when I try to do this (direct from modem to STB), it recognises that an ethernet is connected, gives an IP address but then says 'no connectivity'. It briefly worked for 10 minutes as I was re-connecting everything but now won't work again. I have of course tried using different ports and cables, and all the other ports from modem to apple TV, sonos etc work fine so it's something to do with the Fetch TV connection.


I can just use wifi but would rather have ethernet - would appreciate any ideas. Tried calling tech support but waiting time so long I can't waste any more of my day!



Re: Fetch TV - ethernet won't connect, wifi does


Have you tried a soft and/or hard reset of the Fetch box? Given it's new, a hard reset might not be a big deal (it erases your recordings so hopefully you don't have any just yet) but is a pretty good first step in troubleshooting

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Re: Fetch TV - ethernet won't connect, wifi does


Hey @Dbdb, that's really strange :/ Get that it'd be pretty annoying to say the least!

Is it all up and running now? If not, please check out our troubleshooting guide HERE.

Alternatively, you can chat directly with out Fetch crew via Live Chat HERE Smiley Happy 

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Re: Fetch TV - ethernet won't connect, wifi does


Hi. I had the same issue after upgrading from Fetch to Fetch Mighty. Swapped out box, same cables etc. Ethernet was previously working fine but the Fetch Mighty refused to recognise the wired connection. WiFi OK. Tested cabling with laptop confirmed entire link back to switch was fine so called support and new Fetch Mighty sent out. This also did not work.. same issue.

Connected Fetch Mighty directly to switch with 2m patch cable and link came up. Replaced with long 10m patch cable and link would not come up.

Ethernet should run to 100m so it appears the Fetch Mighty does not implement 1000BaseT Ethernet correctly as per standard. Eventually resolved the problem by forcing switchport to 100-auto mode. Fetch Mighty then recognised the connection and has no issues. This should not affect performance as 100Mb/s is more than adequate for streaming media content and in any case faster/more reliable than using wireless.

Hope this helps.


Re: Fetch TV - ethernet won't connect, wifi does


Hi BruceAnn


I read this post and thought you'd been in our house... what you described is exactly what has happened to us. Gotta love how Optus just send out new hardware... we have two boxes both don't work or detect ethernet. We've tried same solutions as you up to the bit you mention about changing switch port.


Could i trouble you to provide info on how you do that?

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