Fetch TV broke after update


So I went to turn in my fetch tv today and I hadn’t used it in ages. So when I turned it on it started updating. Then when it finished updating it said critical hardware fault. So I googled the problem and it said to hard reset the box. I didn’t have any important recordings on it so I hard reset it. So once I was done with the setup and activating it, it started updating again. And once the update finished, you guessed it, critical hardware fault. What do I do? Ask for a new box from Optus or ask them to fix it?

Re: Fetch TV broke after update



Speak to Optus, they may ask you to do a few checks then they will arrange a delivery of a new fetch box and arrange for a satchel for you to send you old one back.

Delivery of a new box usually only takes a couple of days.



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