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Fetch TV box HDD failure


When i turn my set top box on, it shows

" HDD Failure to mount, restart and if problem persists conatct provider"

So i turn off and restart after few minutes and sometimes it happens again.

      "Critical Hardware Fault, restat and if persist contact provider"

I can't watch any tv as the fetch box was our TV tuner.
I cannot log in to your site report using the account number on my bill and cannot get any joy from live chat.



Re: Fetch TV box HDD failure




Have you already tried a Sof Reset / Factory reset?

Just a reminder that scanned channels, display settings & customisation are lost but purchase rights will not be lost.  You will need to re-activate the Set Top Box. 


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Re: Fetch TV box HDD failure


I've heard of this happening if you have a USB/hard drive plugged into the Fetch box when you're trying to boot it up. Any chance you have one connected? If so, try unplugging it and restarting. Otherwise a soft reset sounds like the go!

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Re: Fetch TV box HDD failure


Hi, i had exactly the same problem with Fetch box. I went into Optus store on Wednesday as like you had no solution from Live Chat. I was told to ring a number but as i am hearing impaired and unable to ring the lovely assistant there rang for me.

So i am getting a new replacement  box and have to send the broken one back but not at my cost as when new on delivered it includes a satchet to send broken one back. Now just got to wait for new box to come, got activation code yesterday so hopefully soon.


Re: Fetch TV box HDD failure


I believe the "cant watch on pc" is meaning there is no app available like for mobiles to watch live and not in relation to the recordings.

I have been able to watch recordings on windows 10 in the past until the mighty crashed.. albeit they are slow and stuttery due to the network I presume.

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