Fetch TV audio issues


Our fetch TV starts with audio for TV. Once we enter Netflix there's no audio. Then after exiting Netflix there's no audio across all options. TV Channels, apps, movie box.

After restarting the box audio is available but once Netflix is selected problem repeats.

Have power cycled, restarted & depressed volume down button + paws button for more than 30s..?

Please help? 

Re: Fetch TV audio issues


Is the HDMI plugged into the TV direct or an AMP?


Also check the TV audio settings. Might be something in there about audio type as different services use different formats.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Fetch TV audio issues


Thanks Peter. This is an existing setup that has been successfully working for 5 months. Until this morning. 

After exiting an app I've discovered we can get audio on recorded programmes. But all other apps and streaming audio is lost. 

Upon restart,streaming TV has audio until an app is engaged. 



Re: Fetch TV audio issues


It's never ideal, but you may need to perform a factory reset of your set top box. Keep in mind that any recordings currently stored on the device will be removed.


I've linked instructions below:


Let us know how it all goes. 



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