Fetch TV and streaming issues


Getting sick and tired of supporting Optus when I pay the monthly amount I do only not to be able to use said services.

My DL speed is always around 30 Mbps. I always get streaming issues and do a speedtest which shows (ironically as I am typing this the message appears yet again) 30 Mbps, way above any recommended streaming requirements.

I had to get a newer Fetch TV box as my older one was stuck in a 2.21 Grampians update. I have the latest Fetch TV box yet some how have the same stupid streaming issue which makes me think it's time for TIO to step in.

I have been paying for a service that I cannot use.

I have done a soft reset, turned off power from Fetch TV (unplugged), cycled the modem, checked my router settings (quite familiar with networking) and nothing seems to work, why?.

I pay good money and am a student, only not to be able to use said service?, anytime I ring to complain (which I don't bother doing anymore) I never get the issue resolved. So if you cannot fix the problem, why should I keep paying for the service? 

NBN is going to be here in next few months, as much as it pains me to drop the Optus service (my email adresses) I will be looking for a better service provider, not good enough.

Not only am I paying for a service I cannot use, I recently just got a letter saying that due to an error I will be paying an extra $15 per month. You want me to pay more for a service I cannot use?


We will let the TIObe the judge of that...

Re: Fetch TV and streaming issues


Ironically 1 hr after typing this my whole net was dropped for a total of 10 hours, having to submmit my school assignment via a mobile tether to my laptop was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had to endure.

The irony does not end here, Virgin uses Optus as a back bone for their mobile services, of whihc I could not get 4G in my area, thanks Optus, you've made my day, and still no customer service reply here....


Re: Fetch TV and streaming issues


So not only did the person I spoke to not sms me when the outage ceased, they have not called me to arrange tech support for my premesis. When NBN is made available locally which is a few months (Optus was spamming me with phone calls to sign me up early) I will be going with a new provider, that's 2 Fetch boxes and Broadband connectvity, hope you understand Optus that I have 2 mobile phones with Virgin that tie over to Optus too, whcih will be going to a new provider.

That's aproximately $200 per month worth of services you have lost.


It's just business I guess hey?.

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