Fetch TV Ultimate Pack Recurring Charges




I am on an $80 Entertainment Bundle-Ultimate Pack plan and monthy payment is supposed to be $94 (add $20 for Ultimate less $6 discount). My first bill was not right but was corrected by an agent I got via chat and I was assured the correct amount will be reflected on my next bill, however, my last two bills were for $108.98 each.


I see Recurring Charges of $40.89 (Optus Sport and Fetch Connect STB) and $18.18 for Ultimate Pack, I then get a discount for $32.72 giving me a total of $26.35 recurring charge. This is added to my $80 base which brings it to $108.98 including GST.


I'd like to know why I'm getting charged extra.







Re: Fetch TV Ultimate Pack Recurring Charges


Hey @wenz - sure, happy to take a look. Can you please PM us with your account number, full name and DOB? 

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