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Fetch TV Support | Activating your Fetch box

When setting up your Optus Fetch set top box for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your activation code:

Fetch activation code prompt.jpg






You’ll need to enter your activation code before you can start watching. The activation code may also be required when you perform a hard or factory reset.

How will I receive my Fetch activation code?

Once we’ve dispatched your Optus Fetch box from our warehouse, your activation code will be sent via SMS or email (remember to check your junk/spam folder (just in-case). 

haven’t received my Fetch activation code?

Check your Junk/Spam folder. If you still can’t find your Fetch activation code, you’ll need to message a team member.

I’ve added an additional Fetch set top box to my account (Multi-room)

If you’ve ordered an additional Fetch box as part of your Fetch Multi-room setup, you’ll need to use the activation code that was used to activate your primary Fetch set top box i.e. The Fetch or Mini set-top -box  you initially received in your Broadband bundle.

I’ve received my Fetch activation code but it’s not validating?

If you’ve received a Fetch set top box as part of a Fixed Broadband bundle, the activation code will not work until your broadband service is up and running. You may see the below message on your TV’s display:

Fetch box not activated prompt.jpg





You'll need to wait until your broadband and home phone service are up and running. If both services are working, but you're still seeing the activation prompt above,  you’ll need to contact us.

I've recently relocated my Fetch service, will I need to reactivate by Fetch set top box? 

You may be prompted to re-enter your activation code. Remember, you Fetch box will not work until we've successfully completed your relocation order. 

What’s the difference between my PIN and activation code?

The PIN number is a parental control setting. If you’ve setup content restrictions on your Fetch account, you’ll be prompted for 4-digit PIN. In most cases. The default PIN is set to 0000.

Fetch parental PIN prompt.png








Missed anything? Leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer your question. 

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