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Fetch TV: Subtitles on Stan and movie/TV store

I have seen a few posts about the lack of subtitles on Stan and bought movies/TV when using the Fetch box.  As far I can see there was no resolution only that they were "working on it" more than a year ago.

This seems pretty poor as subtitles/ closed captions have been around for long time. At the moment hearing impaired viewers can't watch Stan or or Movies/TV bought from the TV store. Why cant Fetch provide a solution for this?


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Retired Employee

Re: Fetch TV: Subtitles on Stan and movie/TV store

Hi @Copernicus, thanks for reaching out!


I've dug up a thread from last month. @petergdownload was able to dig up some information from the source → 


"Response from FetchTV:


Unfortunately, any titles purchased on our TV/Movie stores anything viewed on Stan don't have Closed Captions available. This is something that is currently on our wishlist of improvements we wish to make. However, Netflix does have these available for use, as do some shows aired on our streaming channels and Free to Air (where available)."


If things do change down the track, we'll be sure to communicate this. 

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