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Fetch TV - NBN

Have recently signed up for NBN, to be connected in the next few weeks, Ultra Entertainment on 24 month contract. Current (old) contract includes Fetch TV Mighty Box. When talking to Optus rep on sign up day, she indicated that we would keep the current Fetch Mighty box. (we have lots of recordings to be watched). Have today received email advising that new fetch box is on its way, stating new activation number. Does not state whether Mighty or Mini box.

Can anyone clarify if we get a choice to stay with existing Mighty box , thus not losing all recordings.

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Re: Fetch TV - NBN

Hey @wpole, likely what we'll need to do here is manually cancel the new Fetch in our system and then have you return it back. No reason why you shouldn't be able to keep the current one unless there's been an account number change 🙂 So you'll get to keep all of those recordings.

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