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Online Community Manager

Fetch TV - Hard Reset

If you're experiencing issues with your Fetch TV box and you've already tried doing a Soft Reset you can also perform a Hard Reset which should get you back up and running.


Keep in mind that by doing a hard reset and following these instructions this will remove any recordings you currently have.


How to hard reset your Fetch set top box? 


  1. Turn off your Fetch TV set top box and wait at least 30 seconds. After this time turn the box on again
  2. Within the first 2 minutes of your Fetch box starting up - press the colour buttons on your remote in this order:



  3. Keep pressing these buttons in the order above until you see the REM/REC light on the front of        your Fetch box start flashing red. This usually occurs after the screen turns off and on. Your set        top box will then reboot.

  4. Once this is done you'll need to enter your activation code and re-scan channels to reactivate              Fetch TV

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