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I've changed my broadband plan few weeks ago. I had a Big Bundle (Broadband + Fetch TV, no premium channel) for 95$/m and I realized the new Entertainment plan was cheapper (90$) and +35 premium channels was included, so I changed for the Entertainment plan. The sales consultant told me it will start to the bill cycling. 

First, my Fetch TV didn't work few days after, I called the support, the guy told me it was because I changed my plan, they send me a new one but nobody told me about that. So no Fetch TV for 1 month, even if I pay for. 

I received my new Fetch TV, but when I tried to watch the Premium Channels, they told me I have to subscribe to a Ultimate Pack. I called the support and the guy told me I have to subscribe to the Ultimate Pack, I will not be charged more for that. 

But now, I don't know why my I'm sure he lied and I will be charged more. 

I tried to call back (133 937) but when I choose "Subscription issue", they just send you back to a website. 

I opened a chat with Ritchie, but he shutted down the conversation, I opened a chat with Harvey A to tell me to call the "Tele Sales team" at 133345, which it's exactly the same center call as 133 937. 

I still don't know if I will be charged more for a support staff mistake. I really want to just canceled my subscribtion with Optus, we already have to much troubles the last few years with you. 

Re: Fetch TV - Entertainment Plan but no Entertainment pack


Hi @tiki, This is not what we want to see. We don't replace the box as part of a rate plan change unless the STB is gen 3 which looks like you've been given. That should have been explained to you. The ultimate pack will end up costing you $5 as you would be getting the $15 Entertainment Pack discount. 

Re: Fetch TV - Entertainment Plan but no Entertainment pack


I saw ultimate pack available on UI and was instructed to unsubscribe from entertainment pack before I can subscribe to ultimate pack. Which I did. 


Now since a week ago I have no entertainment pack and I'm not able to subscribe to ultimate pack (gen 2 box). 


I spoke to chat agent last week who said he fixed the issue but after restarting still not able to subscribe to ultimate pack. 


Spoke again to chat agents who said they can't help and said call 133 937. But the IVR is in a loop with instructions about net connection and restarting box - which I've already actioned - and which sends you back to the beginning without actually being able to speak to someone. 


Totally frustrated as I now have no entertainment channels  for a week - and no doubt I'm probably paying for them - and no one can seem to resolve the problem. 


Seriously, is there any actual testing done before launching a new product like this?


I sincerely hope I don't have to perform YET ANOTHER FACTORY RESET in which I end up losing all my recordings etc. 


Please, get it together. Is there anyone there who can actually help with this?




Re: Fetch TV - Entertainment Plan but no Entertainment pack


@crankinhaus If you have not been able to subscribe you shouldn't be charged for it. You say your not able to subscribe, what message are you getting exactly? 

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