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Fetch TV Critical Hardware Fault


Hi there


I have joined the lucky people whose Fetch TV set-top box has failed while trying to do the latest update. Tried resetting of course, but error message is the outcome every time. I have already called Tech Support since Saturday and have a ticket (a recorded message says its a known issue and to register you are eexperiencing it and they'll call back) .... but it has been 3 days now. When can I expect a solution or a call?



Re: Fetch TV Critical Hardware Fault


Well, today the Fetch box is back in working order. No loss of saved recordings which is good, but series tagged recordings failed to record during the downtime. They are, however, starting to record again. Did a box restart to check it could handle that and it restarted fine. Didn't get a text or phone call from tech support to notify me the issue is resolved, but obviously I am glad that it appears to be resolved for now.

Re: Fetch TV Critical Hardware Fault

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Hi there,

I am getting critical hardware issue today with fetch tv today, it stareted due to power failure during the day. 

I have tried to swith off every conneted device / power / and have re-started several times but no luck.


On re-start it reads on tv svreen 2.19 Endeavour River and goes into fault message.


Can some suggest what should I do?




Re: Fetch TV Critical Hardware Fault


Hey @Viv9811 - can you please try a Soft reset? Instructions on how to complete this, can be found HERE. A Soft Reset won't delete any of your stored recordings. 

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