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I received my new set top box, but no activation code as well. The letter enclosed states to go to the "manage: section. I can't find it! Can anyone direct me where it resides please?


Re: Fetch TV Activation Code


Hi Mark - check out this link for help on getting your Fetch activation code.

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Re: Fetch TV Activation Code -SOLVED - Woohoo

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I've just discovered that myself but finally solved it,

After much searching any many wasted hours during which I:


• Went round and round in circles on the website
     - click the link that is supposed to take you to
       and it takes you instead to
       and of course there no manage section on that page.

     - I tried all the link on that page but no Manage section did I find anywhere.
     - The support option looked like promising and it led to a page with many support links but there was no manage link on any of them.

• Called the phone number in the letter (133 937) multiple times because none of the options took to anything to do with managing my fetch tv account.

The "My Account" tab on various pages looks like a good option also but it's useless, you won't find anything there.


OMG, what idiots do they employ to set up their websites, automated phone call diversion, and write their letters? Do these people talk to one another? Do check that what they written matches what is actually available? Obviously they do not.

Anyway Finally I stumbled across the correct page. Here's how you find it:

1/. Go to
2/. Click the Yellow "LogIn" button in the top right corner of the webpage.
3/. Select My Account

4/. Login with your broadband username and password.
      - If you've lost/forgotten these your screwed - back to the phone for you.
5/. A new page will open
      - In the menu on the left select "My Optus TV feat. FOXTEL Account"
        I know, it's crazy but that's what you have to do, select Foxtel to find Fetch.
6/. A new page will open with a menu on the left
      -  "My Optus TV feat. FOXTEL Account" is already selected in that menu.
7/. The option above "My Optus TV feat. FOXTEL Account" in the menu is:

         "My Optus TV account"
     - This is the one you want so select it.
8/. A new page will open showing your account and the <Summary tab> is already selcted and on the <Summary tab> is "Your Plan"
9/. Under "Your plan" there will be a bold text message stating "Set Top Box not yet activated" and underneath that a grey box containing your activation code.


Now to try the code - fingers crossed.

Re: Fetch TV Activation Code -SOLVED - Woohoo


Or try Daves solution above which I only just saw, that also works.

So there is a quicker quicker way but Optus seriously need to fix the links and make sure the instructions match the support pages.


Re: Fetch TV Activation Code


I have sadly read through a lot of very frustrated Optus customers who are all searching for something very simple, and activation code. What is even sadder is that the posts go back well beyond 6 months ago. C'mon Optus, seriously? It is pretty evident that the 'process' you have in place doesn't work. If I had known that there would be this much stuffing around firstly to get the set top box, then to find out I needed powerline adaptors, then to have my intelligence insulted by having a "few easy steps" to get up and running only to find that my activation code is no where to be found, I wouldn't have bothered switching from Telstra!! And right now I have the 'pleasure' of sitting on hold for nearly 20 minutes so far in the faint hope of obtaining an activation code. And I can hardly wait for a moderator to write to me and say, "Oh I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but how is your Fetch now?" I guess this is what consumers can expect from globalisation of corporations where the customer is always a distant memory when they have your money in their hands. Sigh..... still on hold.

Re: Fetch TV Activation Code


Was ABSOLUTELY DREADING calling as I too, have had 80 minute waits. But I did and got on straight away. The guy in the help office sent my activation letter again to my optus account webmail...


In other words, it was there all the time, but I failed to see it (I scanned the letter too quickly, lazily)


So if the online activation thing is offline, but you can access your optus webmail, make sure you read any email that says 'Your Optus TV fetch is on the way'...

Re: Fetch TV Activation Code

On a rainy Saturday morning I thought to myself - why not setup the Fetch box that has been sitting in the cupboard all this time. It didn't want to work despite connecting as per the instructions and the remote connecting per it's setup. I read the notes again to see that I need an activation code, so I go to the website (should be easy right?) and find myself quite frustrated trying to locate the code, per the posted instructions. No good, so I look at the option of calling, but wait - first check the feedback on calling the support desk as this action has proved very frustrating before......Hmmm, I don't think I need to have Fetch connected that bad that I'd put myself through all that poor service again, so back in the box you go little Fetch box. You can go back to Optus when the plan runs out later this year....All plans, that is.

Re: Fetch TV Activation Code


Come on Optus get your act together honestly!

The Fetch TV is over 2 months late and after many hours spent on the phone including 4 contacts with your 'support services' it finally arrives. 


The activation code is said to be in the welcome letter. The welcome letter promises the code has been emailed or SMS-ed - of course it hasn't. I then have to call spend time waiting on the phone for it. 




Re: Fetch TV Activation Code


I'm sorry to hear that Optusisbad Smiley Sad Did you manage to get the service working? If not, feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can get the code for you. 

Re: Fetch TV Activation Code


The whole return to OPTUS thing has been the most difficult annoying disgraceful experience I have ever had with an company

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