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Fetch STB failure & replacement

The Fetch STB failed and after on or about 27-02-2020, reported via messaging conversation 15:30 on 27-02-2020 which had the operator advise me that I had completed the troubleshooting steps and that a replacement Fetch STB box would be sent. The replacement STB was duly received and set up. The failed unit was returned via Aust Post on 12-03-2020 . My next monthly paper invoice which covered the period 17-02-2020 to 16-03-2020 shows several account items without any detail as to what or why the charges are being made.

4March to 16 March  Mighty (G3) Fetch Mighty ( $15 * 13 days )    $6.72

4 March to 16 Mar      Fetch Bundle Discount                                       $ 2.75 CR

17 Mar to 16 April       Mighty (G2)    Fetch Mighty                                $15.00

17 Mar to 16 Apr         fetch stb          Fetch Mighty                                $15.00

17 Mar to 16 Apr                                   Fetch Bundle Discount                $12.25 CR

All this means I think that my plan inclusive of the Fetch STB  has had another Fetch box ADDED - How can I contact a person who can sort this basic Optus mess quickly ? No customer service re Accounts seem to be available

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