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New Contributor jachyra
New Contributor

Fetch - My Media Hub subtitles


I've just set up a DLNA server and tested my fetch mini - everything works fine.  I am able to turn subtitles on and off.  My question is - on a video file with multiple subtitles, how do I select specific subtitles? On/Off just seems to turn the first one on the list on and off.  I've tried mashing the remote buttons but no combination seems to change the subtitles.

Any ideas?

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Fetch - My Media Hub subtitles

This sort of thing (playing from a DLNA server) is beyond the scope of this forum and would be best directed to Fetch themselves who develop the apps to play media that isn't from the Optus servers.

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.
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