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Hey Ben-B, I guess you know the answer by now but my Optus FetchTV is still version 2.21.


By looking at the uptime on my non Optus Mighty was patched Midnight on Monday. I also have a non-Optus Fetch mini which was patched Monday around 10pm. Both streaming off my NAS with no issues.


Version is 2.22 Heathcote
build date 4/2/19 11:02:31

Re: Fetch My Media Hub Error


"We're sorry it took so long."


Seriously? Two announcements.


1) "Its busted we'll figure it out some time next year"

2) "Its fixed now. Sorry"


Customers know stuff ups happen and some vague effort to focus on customers when it does happen goes a long way.


This stuff up could have been fixed on day one with a roll back of the firmware. Instead FetchTV (and all dependent ISPs) decided to just forge ahead. Some sort connection between Fetch and their customers would have gone a long way.


I don't say this to help customers, but to suggest to Fetch and Optus that you just shot yourself in the foot and then used that bloody foot to kick your customers around the head. Why?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Fetch My Media Hub Error


Hi efist,

Yeah i checked mine and still on 2.21

Streaming of my NAS still not working.

Hopefully by next Monday, the firmware update will apply for us optus customer and see what happens......


Re: Fetch My Media Hub Error


Fetch software update 2.22 started rolling out to Optus Fetch boxes today, Monday 11 February 2019. You can read about the new software 'Heathcote' here.


You can check which release you are on using your remote at: Menu > Manage > Settings > Device Info (it’s on the second page) > Software version.


If you haven’t received the update by the last week of February, restart your box by pressing the off button on your remote and then the blue button to restart.

Re: Fetch My Media Hub Error


After submitting a formal complaint via the Optus web site, I received a call back from Optus. I was handballed through three different people but have ultimately ended up with a $90 credit applied to my account for the stuff up. Now I'm just waiting for the patch to be deployed to my Fetch box.

Re: Fetch My Media Hub Error


Hey everyone, just the heads up, I just received the new update. Downloaded it & rebooted. It's finally working now! I can now steam & watch from my NAS device. =)

Hope everyone else's fetch devices are working

Re: Fetch My Media Hub Error


A restart of the Fetch box triggered the update and confirmed, Media Hub is working again. Finally!


Re: Fetch My Media Hub Error


My box on restart says it trying to do the update then reboots seems to fail about 10% of the way through. Now after that it comes up with a fatal error and won't start up at all. Looks like I will have more Optus downtime. Will add it to the list of faults...

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