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seems a bit silly to be talking about legal action as you cant use a feature which would really only ever be used to view pirated material....


or are all of these people upset that they cant stream their home movies and backed up DVD's?

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Yes that would be somewhat ironic Smiley Happy


As an interesting note, its still illegal to format shift DVDs in Australia so it would have to be home movies and/or copies of VHS recordings you own.


Peter Gillespie

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It's always sad when people go after the victim.


The unit is sold with the ability to stream off a home network... it doesnt matter what people use it for, its not relevant. The only relevance is that its not doing what it is advertised to be able to do, hence the 'uproar'.


It is legal to format shift from analog sources and time shift tv broadcasts, with in a reasonable amount of time. Instead of casting aspersions on fetch owners as to what they're using the box for, we should focus on getting it fixed.


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Hi, the simple solution for me to this control by Fetch over freedom of choice is to do as I have done. Three friends that were looking at the Fetch Mighty that I have, were on my recomendation going to buy, but are now looking at other options, also on my recomendation. DO NOT RECOMEND TO FRIENDS OR FAMILY. I was  in Harvey Norman Noarlunga to buy a vacuum cleaner and saw someone looking at the Fetch Box, I also told them of my experience with Fetch. This was a great system for a replacement to my Panasonic HDD recorder and media player, what else on the box are they going to mess up. Fetch could have become the market leader with this product. Was this a stuff up or has there been Dark Forces asking Fetch to change the software.

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Dear Optus,


We have two Fetch boxes on different accounts within our family.

We both use the DLNA streaming from Serviio. Being without it is most inconvenient, especially after the pain of teaching an elderly relative how to go to a particular menu to view media. Teaching them to copy media to a USB stick, safely eject it, crawl around trying to find the USB port on the Fetch box, and keeping their mobile phone nearby so they can call emergency services to help them get up again isn't a practical solution.


It would be useful to receive an update on when this will be fixed. Do you have a release date for new firmware that will fix this?

I'm trying to avoid the hysteria of others on this thread, but I must admit I'm puzzled what was so essential in the Nov 2018 update that meant you could hit the rollback button onve you realised a much-loved feature of the device had been broken.

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No contract lock-in NBN providers and 5G will rid this country of the diseases which is Noptus. 


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To both  andrewj12345 and petergdownload .

You smug idiots.

As other posters have replied there os far more you can keep on a NAS than what you describe....

Try it sometime....

Anyway, after my post some months back pointing out there IS a legal obligation because the feature is actually stated in the user instructions, I contacted Optus Customer service and complained.

I actually received a call back and after discussion received a credit of AUD60 for the 2 mths ( at the time) of no service to this function.

It is now Feb.

If not fixed soon I will be doing the same thing and receive additional credit for "lack of this function'


What say you now - you two smug fools....



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Start of February and not a peep from optus. This is getting quite ridiculous now. I'll be asking for more than just a small rebate. I now want a refund for the entire contract. Seems strange that after I first complained about this my fetch box magically stopped working,  got a replacement which they tried to charge $99 for it. And it now needs replacement as it has to be rebooted every few days just to watch tv. Optus fetch = lack of care, service or support. Where is the update?

Re: Fetch My Media Hub Error


P.S. Why is this marked as "solved" when clearly it is not? Optus in denial again.

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No reason to go personal @Downunder1.


Everyone gets a say and sometimes posts pop up humourous possibilities. Looking back I was the first person in this thread to take Optus to task over such a poor performance (both in letting the issue happen in the first place and the really under whelming response). 


I agree totally that Optus should be refunding Fetch costs ($20 a month) on request. Someone wishing to exit their contract altogether should also be able to do so (this is IMO a major fault). That Optus are still advertising NAS functionality is also extremely poor (and misleading). I would suggest though, that getting a refund is not the same as being legally correct. 


FWIW I agree NAS are great and my QNAP is central to our household work and play. However, our comments (without speaking too much on behalf of @andrewj12345) were more related to the functionality of a NAS coupled with the Fetch, in which case the (legal and practical) functionality is severely limited - home movies, home photos, etc.. I'm sure a few households use the Fetch extensively to do just that, but they would be a tiny fraction IMO.


Here's hoping Optus start doing better in keeping their customers proactively informed: RCS Implementation, this Fetch "bug", NBN problems, order tracking, etc. 


Peter Gillespie

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