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Fetch Mini set up

Just received fetch mini box, set up as per instructions. Connect to WiFi network then add password, and next. Turns off and never restarts. Multiple attempts with same result. WiFi light still red.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Fetch TV set up

Hey there jenniinoz,

Have you connected it with an ethernet cable or just straight to via WiFi?

It may be performing a software update and eventually goes through successfully.

From the Fetch Mini User Guide:

What if I have no internet connection? 

Check your modem is working by testing a website on your computer or other device that connects to your internet at home and also check the Ethernet Cable is securely connected. If you’re connecting using WiFi make sure your Fetch box is within range of your WiFi network. 

If you still need a hand, feel free to give our Technical Support Team a call on 1300 760 013.  

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