Fetch Deactivated in error - How to resubscribe to Optus Sport

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Where do I start????

Part 1
Wake up Friday morning to a message on my Fetch service that the Box is not activated, for no apparant reason after using it for over a year. I spend over an hour mucking around getting getting the box re-activated.

Part 2
I notice later that afternoon that my free subscription to Optus Sports is gone. I check my subscriptions and there is no tick next to the Optus Sports subscription. I live chat with Optus and the person says they have added the subscription back on and to "wait 30 minutes". I said, "I don't see a tick next to the subscription. Is there anything I need to do?". He said, "No, just wait 30 minutes it will be there."

After several hours of waiting, I went to bed and hoped it would be there in the morning. It wasn't!

Part 3
I live chat again and explain that I still don't have my Sports subscription. After being assured the free Sport was on my account I tried to subscribe by ticking the sports subscription despite the message that it will cost $14.99 per month. It gives an error message and says I cannot subscribe. They say they need to put me through to the "Fetch Technical Team" [Keep in mind it is now Saturday]. They put me through to the Team and then I am on hold. I went back to the chat and said I did not want to be on hold and that in Part 1 they had arranged for someone to ring me when they were available, so they then arranged for someone to ring me back. Fine.

Part 4
I get a call back from someone from the "Technical Team" not knowing who I am or what the issue is. I start again and explain the problem. After about 10 minutes he tells me, "I am from the NBN Technical team you need the Fetch Technical Team". But wait, there's more...then he tells me "the Fetch Technical Team don't work on Saturday or Sunday". Are you kidding me Optus! What kind of joke of a service are you running.

Part 5
After Part 4 I go back to live chat and the first thing the person asks me, is my issue regarding Fetch TV. I say yes. He then says the Fetch accounts are migrating to a new billing system and services will be unavailable until 30th of June. WTF! So I can't fix the Sports subscription until 30th June? "No". The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Everytime you speak to a different person you get a different answer.

So to sum up: Optus deactivated my Fetch box for no reason; I had 4 live chats and two phone conversations to try and fix it; I received different stories from different people; I had to waste my own time speaking with a multiple of people to try and fix a probem caused by Optus; It's now Sunday and whilst I have my Fetch, I do not have Sports and it does not appear I will have any chance of getting it until 30th June.

Finally, let me say this. I am happy with my "service" when it is working properly. Fetch is great, my internet connection is great, but when things go pear-shaped Optus "customer service" is RUBBISH! There are clearly communication propblems with all these people based in India. I found it difficult to understand them at times and they perhaps found it difficult to understand me.

Very Unhappy

Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled


Moderators have tried to bury this thread even though my issue has not been resolved.


Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled

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Hi there,

Not buried, merged into one thread for customers facing the same issue over the weekend. Have you tried the solution posted by a customer on this thread? (although it's unclear if this reinstated the Optus Sports subscription).

It may be because it was discovered your Fetch was not linked to an eligible Optus service, see my post here

Disappointing to read all the run around you and other customers have had however this is not something that we can assist with here on the forum.
If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. 

If not, call and chat are the other options.

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled


Ohhhhhh m-e-r-g-e-d.... please. It got buried amongst a whole heap of other posts. I think you could easily establish after the first couple of sentences that my box had been reactivated, so that was never the issue. Yet you buried it with other comments from people that just needed their box reactivated. The issue was clearly about the sports subscription, which I STILL DON"T HAVE!


What's wrong, don't you want other people to see how bad the service is at Optus? 


You see the problem is, Optus stuff up my account and I am expected to waste my time fixing it. Furthermore, despite me already wasting my time over several days, it is still not fixed. 


Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled


"What's wrong, don't you want other people to see how bad the service is at Optus?"

Actually, the sad thing is Optus just don't care about customers, they only care about their bottom line. In the old days, Optus was a fantastic telco, but like all Asian owned businesses the focus is on money ....... service be damned......another case of first world prices with third world service.

Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled


I still don't have Optus Sports after 1 week. No one from Optus has contacted me. If I pay my bill late, I get penalised by Optus, yet they can stuff me around as much as they like and there are no consequences for them. When I changed to the NBN I had billing problems that went on forever. I contacted the ombudsman and ended up dealing with someone in Australia. If anyone wants contact details for Optus in Australia message me and I can provide.

Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled



If you had an active premium Optus Sport subscription before we'd deactivated the Fetch box in error - you can simply resubscribe via the Fetch subscriptions menu.


1) Navigate to the Fetch homepage

2) Scroll to the "manage tab"

3) Select, "subscriptions" from the drop-down menu 

4) Subscribe to Optus Sport 

Now, you'll still see the $14.99 charge prompt - ignore that one. Almost all of our in-market plans include Optus Sport at no additional cost. The discount is built into the rate plan on a system-level. You'll still the charge, but also a discount for the same amount. 

You can also contact the Optus Sport team on the Optus Sport FB page or Twitter page. If you prefer, they can go in and activate Optus Sport from their side.

Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled


Oh dear @AlistarS if only life as an optus customer was that simple. You see Optus don't do things by halves, when they stuff you up, they stuff you up good and proper! 


NO, I cannot reactivate my subscription at my end as you have described. I have attempted to do it on a number of occasions over the last week and each time I get an error message and the re-subscription can't be completed. 

Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled


Ah, darn. it was worth a shot @Bad_Service

If you were to contact the team on their FB or Twitter page. I can give them a heads up.

They do aim to respond back to all enquiries within the hour. It's a really simple one, it's frustrating to see that this has gone on for so long now. 

Re: Fetch Deactivated - Optus Sports Subscription Cancelled


You see @AlistarS this is the problem. I have to continue to waste my time trying to get it fixed when it was never my problem to start with. And clearly, after two phone calls and about 4 live chats, it's not a "really simple one". If it is as simple as you seem to think, then that just highlights the incompetance of the Optus staff who have been unable to fix it so far.

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