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Hi everyone. 

I need help confirming an address to return my Fetch box to.


I disconnected Ftech (and broadband) a couple of months ago and have called at least 3 times asking for a padded bag so I can return the box.

I finally received a bag,  but am not sure if it's for Fetch or for Foxtel (which I also cancelled recently, but was not provided through Optus).

All the paperwork that came with the padded bag are for "Optus Foxtel" and instructions to disconnect Foxtel which is why I'm confused. Is it for Fetch (Optus) or Foxtel (non-Optus)? I don't want to be sending the wrong equipment back!

The address I have is:

Set Top Box Return

PO Box 6080

Chullora NSW 1405


Can someone help pelase!

Thanks so much.

Re: Fetch Box return address




I've recently returned a fetch box in a return satchel and that was the address.

My paperwork clearly stated a fetch box and at that time I was on ADSL broadband.  I was wondering if your are on Optus cable and the might be different instructions.

Might be worth speaking to Optus online chat. If you do make sure you request a transcript of the chat just in case there are any issues later.



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Re: Fetch Box return address


There should usually be nothing to do. The satchel should be already addressed and you just need to call the courier to pick it up.


Peter Gillespie

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