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Fetch Box - Pressing remote sends it crazy


When I use the remote on my Fetch box, it sends the unit crazy. For example, if I try to change to Channel 2 (from 9), it will either keep entering 2 by itself ( 2, 22, 222, 2, 22, 222, etc), or if I press channel up or down, it will scroll through about 15 channels and then stop.

It seems to do it when I am recording a program. It started happening yestrday, but then righted itself, but it has started again tonight (I am currently recording).

Is it the unit or the remote? I have the reomte set to control the TV volume, and that works fine. I would rather not do a hard reset on the unit if possible.

Any information appreciated.



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Re: Fetch Box - Pressing remote sends it crazy

There's a Fetch Remote App.


Download that and see what it does.




Peter Gillespie

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