We took delivery of the Fetch TV Box and connected it as instructed to the Optus router [Broadband connection]. We changed the setting to 2160p 60Hz as we have a 4K television. The picture quality is appalling. We changed the supplied HDMI cable to a very high quality hi-speed cable and it made little difference. We have now reverted to the previous mode of connection via our Humax recorder and the picture is crisp again as is the picture via the internet via the same router. As a ex-buyer of televisions I would suspect that the box is sub-spec. Anyone have a solution? PaulAB34 


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Hi Paul,


Need to work out what you're changing.


FWIW all HDMI cables are largely identical. So long as the cable is rated to the data needed any HDMI cable will give pretty much the exact same image as any other ($10 or $500). The only caveat is the cable length is less than 5m.


When you say you set 2160p where did you set this? In Fetch or on the TV?


Are you describing watching live FTA channels or the Fetch TV channels? What are "pictures via the internet?)


Can you see what Netflix looks like?


FTA TV and Fetch Channels max out at 1080p. Have you tried setting your TV to 1080p?




Peter Gillespie



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