English Premier League


Is there any easy way to watch the English premier league on tv!?!? 

I don't want to buy an Optus box, that's downright wrong that they get the epl, then make it impossible to watch without buying another set top box! 

Any way I can watch it on my ps4? I don't want to sit watch football on my iPhone or ipad! How dumb are they!? Get it on tv please! 


Re: English Premier League


Hey MrMoore Smiley Happy Really sorry to hear you feel this way.


If you've got access to Optus Sport you can connect a PC to your TV via HDMI to watch the games.


Alternatively you can also use Apple TV, Chromecast is coming in the near future.


Otherwise a Yes TV By Fetch device is only $5 a month on top of your existing mobile plan.



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