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New Contributor

Email is not verified-optus sport

Hi, I have been looking eveverywhere and cannot find a solution. I enter my mobile number and info, then I get a red error message saying the email is not verified but I never received one in the first place. There is also no clear point of contact.

The world cup is starting soon and I'd like it to be resolved by then please help!!!

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Email is not verified-optus sport

I'm familiar with the process.


Long story short, we've recently migrated post-paid mobile services from an old legacy servicing/billing platform to a newly constructed system. We've found that the contact details aren't flowing through to the new system, hence a small number of customers have had their contact email set to un verified mock email.


Can you send us a PM with your account details →


Are you the primary account holder Y/N (if no do you have a digit security account PIN)? 

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