Did Any One Receive a USER MANUAL with their set top box ?




I did not receive a User Manual  with my Fetch TV Set top Box ,Have never received  an electronic device with out a User Manual before.

When I called  Optus Support   was told I would have to download  it , That is no good having to run back and forth from Computer  in one part of house to TV in another part.of the house. 

Re: Did Any One Receive a USER MANUAL with their set top box ?


Hi Ronald,


I received my Fetch TV set top box yesterday afternoon, but the only guide (or manual) that came with it was the quick set up guide. I haven't had the chance to phone tech support yet, but if they refer me to a link where I can download a PDF version of the full user guide then I'll be more than happy to do that, even though I'm in a similar situation to you, where my PC is in one room and TV is in another, and if necessary I'll print it out. I did go to the Hybroad web site (they're the manufacturer of the box) and sent them a question about the manual, and if you like, if/when I receive a reply from them I can let you know what they have to say.


When you contacted tech support and they told you that you'd have to download the PDF, did they give you a link for it? The only reason I ask that is that if you still have it, it may actually be quicker getting it from you than waiting for God knows how long on the phone, then possibly/probably getting someone in an overseas call centre with very poor English lol.


The annoying thing about this is that it's the second time this week that I have received a new device from Optus without a user guide, because it was exactly the same situation with my new modem. What makes it even worse with the modem is that the manufacturer referred me (and quite a few other customers from everything that I've read on here) back to Optus, and Optus refer customers to the manufacturer because they claim that they don't have one, even though the modem in question is a custom unit built to specifications especially for Optus.


I hear what you're saying about electronic devices usually coming with a proper user guide, although it is actually happening more and more nowadays, because more and more devices are being sold with just a quick guide and the proper user manual has to be downloaded as a PDF. That might be OK for a mobile phone or digital camera where you CAN get away with sitting in front of your computer to read while you try things, but not for something like a set top box, if like you and I (and lots of other people) your computer is in a different part of the house to your entertainment system.


Hopefully there is some kind of fair and reasonable resolution to this matter for both of us.




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