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Connecting TV to internet


Hi Yes Gang!  I have a smart TV and want to connect it to the internet.  I have a Foxtel box and my computer has broadband cable through Optus.  Question: who does this? Optus or Foxtel?  I have cables and connection boxes from the street to the house from both suppliers.

Where do I go from here?

Thank you


Re: Connecting TV to internet


You need to connect your TV to the Optus modem.


You could run a CAT5 cable directly between the two if you wanted.


Alternatively you could setup wifi on the modem and on the TV and connect that way.


Probably the simplest is just pluggin power adapters in. Plug one in near your modem with a short CAT5 cable. Plug the other in near your TV with a short CAT5 cable. Configure your TV Network settings to point to your modem IP address.




Peter Gillespie


PS Foxtel just released this so not sure if it appeals

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