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Conflict between SBS On Demand and Fetchbox?


When searching for free-to-air TV, film etc on SBS On Demand, I get diverted into a screen requesting payment for free content. Following many blogs and questions, it seems that Fetchbox is the culprit. How do I get round this ? Is it legal for Fetchbox to use SBS to raise revenue?


Re: Conflict between SBS On Demand and Fetchbox?


Fetchbox aren't using SBS to raise revenue. In this case more than one group have the permision to air the same content in Australia. SBS have decided to do it for free while FetchTV have decided to charge for it. The Fetch search box only returns results for Fetch Programming and FTA programming - I don't think its possible to search any On Demand channels for any shows (but either way the Fetch box doesn't).


So a search for "Hand Maidens Tale" will only find the Fetch offering. If you want to use SBS On Demand you'll need to switch to it and navigate to the show you want to watch within the app (All on demand channels are essentially a app that Fetch can only host and have no direct control of the internal content or functionality)


Peter Gillespie

Re: Conflict between SBS On Demand and Fetchbox?


I did a little testing of this myself because someone else raised it the other week specifically about The Hand Maidens Tale. Turns out it does search the on demand channels to BUT SBS only have season 2 of it and the Fetch Catalogue has season 1 (maybe season 2 I can't remember). So if this is the show you're wanting to watch and you want season 1, only the Fetch result will return and it comes at a cost. 

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Re: Conflict between SBS On Demand and Fetchbox?


Thanks Peter

I can follow the logic in your reply. My problem in navigating this technology is age-related. I do not have the instant vocabulary to cope with huge volumes of well-meaning I.T. advice. Do you know of a simplified flow-chart showing the pathways between various Free to Air providers and the technology supporting them ? I'm sure that many Seniors would appreciate that kind of guidance. 

Thanks again   Bill

Re: Conflict between SBS On Demand and Fetchbox?


Hi @Tassiebill, Never too old to learn Smiley Happy


Can't suggest a flow chart as all machines and setups vary a bit but can provide a broad picture with Fetch.


The Fetch box has two sources of shows


FTA via the aerial. This is just the main FTA channels same as you see on your TV (7, 7HD, 7Go. etc.)


Streaming via wifi or network cable (connected back to your modem/internet). This includes things like


1) Netflix, Stan, etc. which you pay to subscribe to and start the app in Fetch to watch.

2) Also includes any Fetch Channels you have (Optus can provide some free in your plan) or you buy Fetch Packs  of a bunch of Channels monthly - in the top Fetch menu there's a MANAGE / SUBSCRIPTION  option that you can easily add or remove Fetch Packs

3) Also all the ON DEMAND FTA channels are streamed as data (i.e. not via your aerial). These are free to watch too.


As @SamSam said, the search option will find anything in Fetch Packs, FTA or On Demand channels. If they're only available to buy then that will be shown. You can only search Netflix / Stan within their Apps.


Hope that makes it a bit clearer.


Peter Gillespie

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