Who do you ring to complain about Optus service. There is no option on the standard number for complaints. The online chat says you can't complain!?.we are having serious issues with Optus and have no way of resolving as yet. Apart from taking them to ombudsman how do we complain?

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Hi @Annoyed62, it really depends on what the complaint is regarding i.e. billing issues, tech issues, coverage issues etc.


Our Live chat team should be able to help. You can aslo reach out to us. 


Feel free to send us a private message with your account details → We need your full name, DOB and account number. If you could include a summary of the enquiry, that'd be great. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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Re: Complaints


Suggest you google "Optus Complain"


Top answer is the Optus complaints page


Aa mentioned Optus has various easier options to try resolve an issue but it sounds like they aren't working. 


I suggest you make an official complaint in writing. Optus take these more seriously and you will be given a case number and an official responce in about two weeks. If the response is not good enought then the TIO ombudsman will then happily take on the problem for you.


Peter Gillespie

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