Hi anyone know how to get someone to actually speak to the customer who knows what's going on. I have spent hours trying to manage my broadband move from Melbourne to Sydney. It has been a train wreck. Now my Fetch TV does not work at all, and OPTUS does not recognise my OPTUS phone number to lodge a fault, its a though I do not exist! I have cable broadband (thank goodness) but I've spent hours on the live chat being lied to, on hold for hours at a time and really fed up. 2 TIO complains and considering fair trading then off to Telstra as it is just not worth the angst. If I could just speak to someone who knows how to resolve issues and not just handball it would be really great. The Facebook Social Media site gives some indication of how bad the customer service is.

Re: Complaint


@Beachside2700, I can see that we've offered to help out in the past.


The offer still stands Smiley Happy I need you to send us a PM with your full name, DOB and account number. Click the URL below:




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