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Fetch tv Streaming issue again!


Is everyone is having problems streaming. I thought Telstra were bad but Optus are in a league of their own. Worst thing i ever did moving to Optus. 

Before Optus reply your responses will be as follows.


1. Do a soft reset.

Improves it for a couple of days

2. Do a hard reset

Improves it for a couple of days

3. We will send you a new box (but you can't use the old one while waiting for delivery)

Five phone calls later trying to find where your new box is and two turn up

4. New box works for a few days and fails again


I think the underlying cause is the network hasn't the band width for streaming tv but they can't admit that can they!

PS typing this while looking at a black screen with a message " Steaming issue, please check internet"


Time for the crowd to do something together to force Optus to sort their problems out i think.


Re: Class action


Probably your NBN is faulty. They will blame NBN for that.

Re: Class action


Mine is terrible as well!

Re: Class action


Let me know where to sign up. Fetch is pathetic, my set top wont receive FTA which has something to do with a known fault. The joke is that Optus selected "some" customers and the prblem was resolved with a splitter. Problem is that they dont have any in the warehouse. I've been waiting for six weeks after being told, "I'll email the warehouse and get back to you" hahahahaha

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I found your post after typing a search for NBN but I also noticed that the only reference to NBN was in a response to your enquiry.


I too had issues with low bandwidth warnings and messages about multiple devices using my resources when very few devices were in use, I however am still on ADSL2.  I can relate to all those anoying questions and suggestions you were asked. Eventually a technician was sent out and it was actually someone who knew what he was doing. He left a device connected to my phone socket and disappeared down the road returning about an hour later. Apparently my line was close to a power source at the 'node point' and he cranked up the current supplying my property. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone? but all I know is it fixed the problem.


I have long suspected that the ADSL2 service was being undermined to push customers toward NBN believing they would get a better service? I am holding out with ADSL2 as long as I can; but I am even more surprised that the ACCC hasn't intervened and abolished the 18 month period for change from when NBN becomes available in an area. Having to make the switch to a substandard system is ridiculous.


Best wishes


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I now have less mobile coverage than actual coverage every day.  When I call to complain, Optus passes me to 7 different people then puts me on hold for an hour or more til I hang up.  This is not fetch tv, it is mobile phone needed for work access to internet etc.  If anyone wants to start a class action against their stealing fees for services they do not provide, count me in.  Having spent 3 hours trying to deal with them today, I now have half a day's work left to do at 19,30h.  Thanks alot Optus for being another greedy company who actively treats customers like sheep by fleecing us and trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

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This is not something that we can assist with here on the forum.
If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.
If not, please Chat with us or Message Us from your My Optus App under the Help menu.

That way you shouldn't be transferred around to reach the right area.
If for some reason it is still not resolved, please follow our complaints process.
Let us know how you go. 

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Re: Class action


I received a heads up about a recent addition to a post to which I had contributed in 2016 and I thought I should provide an update regarding my input at the time which was in reference to ADSL2 and a landline phone.

I held out as long as I could with ADSL2 as the NBN experience of friends and family in our area was not a positive one. Eventually having reached the deadline for making the switch to NBN I had to bite the bullet and transition.

Initially I did have some issues with dropouts of the phone and internet service mainly due to NBN technicians disturbing connections at the node point during a very busy period leading up to the deadline for switching over in our area, however a very competant Telstra technician discovered corroded connections at the node point and rectified the problem.


It is ironic that my phone and internet went down for about half an hour as I tried to post this update (LOL), but I am pleased to report that my overall experience of NBN has been good and that the low bandwidth messages seldom appear now; that said, I was happy with my decision to leave the switch till the eleventh hour.


I should point out that my experience with Optus as an NBN provider has been better than that of friends and family who are with other service providers.

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