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Chromecast with Optus Huawei B315 wireless broadband (disable AP isolation )

I have had trouble connecting my Chromecast with my Optus Huawei B315 wireless broadband modem. The Home app says it is setup sucessfully but can't be found. It said to try turning off "AP isolation" After speaking with Optus they said no changes needed to be made they transferred me to Chromecast helpdesk on 1800 723 841 - extremely helpful! You need to disable WPS. In your browser enter - username and password are admin by default. Click on Settings, then WiFi, then WPS settings. Click disable radio button (mine was enabled) Log out of the modem in the browser window then reboot your modem and re-run the Google Home app and it should work! it did for me. I did have to reset the Chromecast to make it discoverable I've got the round Chromecast not the USB stick one and there is a button on the side of thedevice that lets you factory reset it.
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Re: Chromecast with Optus Huawei B315 wireless broadband (disable AP isolation )

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