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New Contributor Schoon
New Contributor

Chelsea On Demand Matches

I want to know why when there are only 80 EPL games a year that are not on demand on Optus sport the Chelsea games are so consistently chosen to not be put on demand?


I remember last season that the chelsea games were constantly missing also.


On top of that why are 80 games not allowed to be on demeand anyway, Does Optus not own the rights?

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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: Chelsea On Demand Matches



If you have a Fetch TV Mighty box you can record the games.


I have spent a fortune bribing Optus not to show the Chelsea games but to ensure all Liverpool games were on demand, but after last night I am not sure my money has been well spent.



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RetiredModerator PhilC

Re: Chelsea On Demand Matches

Thanks for reaching out, @Schoon. The rights only permit 29 matches per club per season on-demand, regardless of who owns them. These matches, which alternate on a bi-weekly basis, can be watched until the next round of matches begin. Here's a handy link with more information about on-demand games. The selected on-demand games will be shown on Optus Sport 1, you can find the replay times here  

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