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Charged for Fetch Mighty but don't have it!


I need help. I have just been charged for two months worth of Fetch Mighty at 14 and 15 dollars since April. I never signed up for this, never spoke to anyone about this or have a Fetch box. I haven't paid my bill yet hoping that it will be deducted. Can somebody please let me know how to remove this. Continually let down by Optus. 


Re: Charged for Fetch Mighty but don't have it!

Hi K, It sounds strange it just started appearing. Has nothing changed recently? A move to the NBN? You're old plan reaching 12 or 24 months? The issue should be pretty easy to resolve.I would suggest you pay your bill as noted and not doing so generally just brings a lot of mess that's harder to sort out later. Optus staff can easily credit these amounts back when you contact them. They should be able to explain why you are now being charged for something you've never had. Peter Gillespie

Re: Charged for Fetch Mighty but don't have it!


Thanks for the advice. I paid my bill but still haven’t heard from optus. Any ideas on how I can contact them regarding removing fetch mighty from my bill. I’ll be upset if it’s still there next month. 

Re: Charged for Fetch Mighty but don't have it!


Hi @Ktrock ,


At this stage it should be easy to contact Optus via LIVECHAT any time (Although perhaps try in business hours first). They should be able to see the item and remove. They should also recredit any over payment back on your next bill. Note two things though:


1) Optus service is not really set up to handle future billing issues IME. That means they're great once something appears on your official bill but much less able to help when its not yet on a bill.

2) This might take a few goes to fix. I've seen plenty of post where issues like this we're meant to have been sorted but they pop up again on the next bill. 


Can only wait and see. 


Peter Gillespie


PS If you get a late payment fee ($15) on your next bill (if you paid this one late) then that should also be reversable once you explain there was a disputed issue with the bill.

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