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Changing from SD to HD on Fetch


I am a new Optus customer and have just setup my Fetch TV execpt for one will not allow me to change from SD to HD in the settings menu. The remote wont all me to move and the request times out?


Re: Changing from SD to HD on Fetch



I just tried on my fetch box without problems changing from 720 to 1080.

On my box I go to manage_settings_audio & visual_from 720p to 1080p_confirm.

If you can't change the settings try a hard reset:

. If that doesn't work i think you will need to talk to Optus as could be a faulty box.


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Re: Changing from SD to HD on Fetch


Thanks Dave,


I did a soft reset first as the hard reset was going to delete my recordings, in any case it appears to have worked? I am still not sure why it didn't work the first time?! It is a releatively simple process...hopefully the box isn't a dud. Time will tell?


Cheers and thanks again


Re: Changing from SD to HD on Fetch

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