Changed Fetch channels on variety pack


What the hell is optus doing


Signed a 2 year contract for NBN and chose variety pack as it had 2 chanels my wife , sons and i watched on foxtel 111 funny and TV hits as they have most of the shows we enjoy


6 months into this 2 year subscription these 2 channels have been cancelled replaced by oxygen and wait for it the kiddies channel of which we do not watch any of the shows on oxygen and with a 17 and 18 y/o and 2 other adults in the home the kids channels  are obsolete


i rang optus (got annother operator who barely spoke or understood english as per usual) and after 20+ mins of explaining and a call transfer basicly got told the 2 year contract meant nothing and optus did not give a S**t that i was now paying for a service that i could not use, and that i was originally contracted for for 2 years, i am now stuck with a service i cannot use for the next 18 months as if  I break the contract i will be up for cancellation fees and such but its ok for a big company to completely walk over a customer.

Well Optus your so called customer service has only showed me 1 thing,  that as soon as the contract is up i will cancell ALL services which includes Internet, 4 mobiles and pay tv.


I have already done so with my company accounts changing all over to telstra


This so called customer service of yours is rubbish and i am completely appalled that you did not inform me of any so called changes to the package i was signing up for or i would have gone straight for Telstra/foxtel ( i guess thats why u did not and your company practices are shocking)



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Re: Changed Fetch channels on variety pack


Please also note, that use of capital letters is basically yelling and doesn't solve anything.


Sadly, Fetch TV has moved channels around which ultimately required the ISPs to do the same thing. As "Fetch TV" is an add-on to your service and does not form the basis of your contract (Your contract is to remain with Optus for fixed phone/data) it generally does not get your contract wiped.


Can you tell me today on January 5, that nothing will change on July 5? No because nobody has a crystal ball. Changes do occur, and if it affects your contract (in the amount you spend per month as a minimum) to your detriment, then Optus will write to you and give you an option to exit the contract without penalty.


Remember, you broke your contract by leaving for Telstra. They recently just changed their channel line up quite a bit too, so buyer be warned, TV constantly changes and they can't advise you earlier on if changes will be made.

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Re: Changed Fetch channels on variety pack


Optus provides Internet and phone services. These are on going. 


Optus make it clear that content (channels) may change at any time as these things are beyond its control. 


Telstra and all other Telcos do the same thing


Peter Gillespie

Re: Changed Fetch channels on variety pack



Whilst i understand that Optus has get out of jail free clauses in there contracts (and the poor cust does not)my issue is that they would have known content was changing and did not advise this to customers (read annther comment on this it was 4 days for that optus crowd member)


Secondly the change to telsta was for business as those contracts were up and i clearly stated that once the contract i had for the now useless service was finished i would take all my existing optus contracts to telstra.


Optus should have done the right thing and paid foxtel what they wanted to keep the service to those who had contracted after all it would only be a money descision and stuff there customers


If i sign a contract with a customer i honor what was promised even if it costs me extra to ensure that happens


It is only good business sence to go above and beyond for your customers if you wish to keep them.


Thanks for your reply

Re: Changed Fetch channels on variety pack

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Always good to try follow through as a business but any content just about any provider supplies these days is flagged as subject to change without notice. Its a "best efforts" sort of area.


FWIW In many cases however the loss of channels is completely beyond the control of Optus. Optus is actually only a platform for Fetch TV content and its Fetch TV that decides what channels it will (or can provide). Fetch TV announced the changing situation a while back. In this instance the content controllers (Disney XD) closed the platform down in Australia and Fetch were unable to get it provided ) - money was not the issue.


Optus informed customers of the changes on its website three weeks before the changes went into effect (probably when they were first informed). Personally I agree they should have a more robust way of informing active subscribers of these upcoming changes rather than just a general broadcast on their website. I'd have expected a general email out to all Fetch customers but as I tend to unsubscribe to emails maybe I didn't get informed because of that (although I still should have IMO).


Peter Gillespie

Re: Changed Fetch channels on variety pack


thanks for the reply Peter


Understand your points but i find it discraceful that large companies can operate like this with impunity whilst the cust has no recource


Removal of services for no compensation and the items that were replacement are of a far inferior quality or not a replacement at all


Once again the poor consumer just has to bend over and cop it from large companies.


Even Optuses notice said that these programs are available on stan and netflix so go out and pay some more money for annother service even though you are paying us as well for not providing it.


As i said my beef is that i am now stuck with a service i cannot use for 18months untill the contract runs out, i cannot break my contract without incurring fees but optus can so why should it not be the same for companies who offer services for a period of time but then do not deliver

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to reply



Re: Changed Fetch channels on variety pack


Hi Unforunately no solution


I am stuck with a service i cannot use for 18 months


Optuses solution in there notice of chanel changes was that these programs run on stan and netflix so go out and spend some more money on annother service while you pay us for not providing it.


Fantastic cust service by Optus not.

Thanks for the reply

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