Challenges with Fetch Box Delivery


I have to say that getting the Fetch box delivered has been a really frustrating experience. It seems the courier supposedly tried to deliver it over a week ago but nobody bothered to tell me - either the courier or Optus. Only yesterday after multiple phone calls to ask why Optus kept sending me emails about the supposed box and how to install it when I had not received it did one of the agents actually give me a tracking number that worked from which I could see that it had been sent back to Optus over 7 days before but noone had told me! The guy I got to speak with yesterday did seem genuinely concerned and did promise to push things along. However, in checking StarTrack today, I see the box is again stuck as they claim they do not have a delivery address. When I spoke with Star Track they blamed Optus, when speaking with Optus they say its an issue for Star Track. One wonders whether we will ever be able to break out of this loop. Not the best look in terms of Customer service.

Re: Challenges with Fetch Box Delivery


Hey Simon, I'm sorry to hear of the issues with your delivery. We would need to update the address with StarTrack to get this re-delivered. Please feel free to send me a private message with your account number, full name, DOB and preferred delivery address so I can double check this for you

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Re: Challenges with Fetch Box Delivery




I have been waiting for my Fetch box and calling Optus for over a month since my ADSL was activated, which was again a month since we ordered it in the first place.


So two months since we ordered the Fetch TV service as part of the bundle. Even more incredible, I have actually had to pay for my Optus Broadband and TV boundle upfront fee and service fees as if it was working.


Every time I call (now three times and one to complain) no one is able to give a confirmation that he device has been sent and later I receive an SMS with an activiation code saying that if I haven't received my device yet, it'll come in 5 days.


But if doens't come and I never receive a tracking number or anyway to see progress... then I call again which takes over 40 minutes and the same thing... Terrible service.  I feel sorry for the people working at Optus call centres as they are only seem to be given a script and no ability to resolve issues.


I am not sure if I will ever receive the fetch box as I am going to wait for two more days and then I will contract the service with Foxtel and seek a full refund from Optus following a formal complaint to Telecommunications Industry Ombusdman (TIO 1800 062 058).


If anyone can help before 14 February, please let me know. Otherwise expect a formal complaint with TIO and a demand for a full refund.


Thnak you



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