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I watched the football World Cup through casting from my iPhone to sony tv, however I didn’t think it was via chrome cast. I have recently tried to cast an EPL game but my tv isn’t identified in the Optus App. 


My question can i an I cast from Optus App to A Sony smart TV like I can when using a YouTube app.



Re: Casting iPhone 7 to Sony D8000 smart TV


When you "cast" from your phone to your TV with YouTube, it's simply activating the YouTube app that is already installed on your TV so your phone is acting like a remote. 


Your TV doesn't have the Optus Sport app installed because there isn't one for smart TV's (yet) which is why it doesn't work the same. You'd need to go purchase a Chromecast if that's how you want to watch it. Alternatively, if you have a laptop you can plug it into your TV via HDMI and watch that way.

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Re: Casting iPhone 7 to Sony D8000 smart TV


Thanks for clarifying. I have got a chromecast which is how I must have watched the World Cup through optus app, but it’s installed on another tv in my house. I must have moved it at some point. Cheers 

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